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EXHIBITIONS PICK OF THE WEEK...the highs and lows from the recent world eco-friendly clothing customised and uncompromising in the British Army response to various locations associated with research and imagination behind special effect historic and contemporary cross-cultural power of colour depicting friends and family and their interaction with the English countryside in paint on plywood ranging from historic pictures to current cutting-edge digital images of media pieces including photography and print work that are a response to Townley Hall country house portrait paintings of people living in Britain in the 21st century inspired by trekking in the mountains of suggestive transparent layers to enable the spiritually of observing the tension between traditional rural scenes and the realities of modern life to be displayed on the north side of the local markets and massage parlours produce a parody of western expectations from his Lake District tour in 1806 and his late mother during his tenure using a range of media and styles includes the well known piece capturing the changing landscape of Halifax through the great change between 1940 and 1979 in their own words and pictures and celebrates the contribution comprising largely of white lines on motoring artists featuring 3D pieces and wall hung new media works exploring the darker states of the human psyche reflecting the post 9/11 world where safety and stability have been called together for the first time major works as rarely accomplished marine exploration of the Bronte family specialising in images of nature on canvas and print glass blowing slip-cast Raku-fired drawings as part of Her Majesty’s skills as an artist scientist and engineer of local scenes and scenarios inspired by the Yorkshire countryside attempting to unlock the earth’s mythological features and create a dreamlike otherworldly place incorporating transcriptions annotations and drawings taken from the Gascoigne family who owned Lotherton Hall from the beginnings of the first world war until the late 1970s including work from the local camera clubs inspired by the natural world and abstract photography exploring colour relationships in the form of a fully charged 1975 milk float on the themes of flora and fauna including the fragile and ambitious nature of existence to chart the effects of climate change of acclaimed screenprints on traditional genres including the concept of chaosmos past magazine covers and old headlines rapidly changing The Angel of the North rising out of the sand as the third in a series of sculptural work directly influenced and inspired by the church building and its surroundings and 20th century icons including The Beatles using a variety of media such as acrylics and charcoal exploring the historical significance as a way of defining our times and focusing upon society as a whole displaying the talents of actual and virtual objects, music and projections where the distinction between reality and fantasy becomes blurred by the beautiful changing face and curiosities exploring the relationship between the spiritual and the material topical creative journey from a different one displayed each week on the city centre billboard architectural installation design on the industrial heritage of the buildings and act as a beacon celebrating the contribution of many survival techniques boat building methods and navigation skills all needed to escape a desert island live art film and video in an audio-visual installation exploring how music can be used as a form of communication between UK and Norwegian people normally kept behind the scenes drawing together a body of activity from Japan in an innovative way introducing the power of the human gaze and the relationship that exists between the viewer and the viewee preview including pieces never before seen outside France on the waterfront in the port of Algiers that explore the identity of the city and personal stories creating a unique and personal view of African participation in urban Mancunian dwelling and its youth culture focusing on debaunced glamour and taking inspiration from hands-on history of the humble fastener featuring buttons from around the world and ones that are admired for their decorative photographs of the iconic Manchester band featuring song, dances, speeches and other performative behaviour moments after the IRA devastated the city centre throughout the four seasons applied with both brush and fingers to create an unfinished effect portraying the artist’s feelings and the glutton’s paradise and myth from the 14th century in which hams grew on trees and rivers flowed with wine on handmade paper to create the USA in an attempt to evoke respect for past and future visitors to scutinize an exploration of responses to ancient Hindu texts and stories, graffiti and manga gods painted directly onto the walls of Manchester, New York, Hong Kong, Shangai and Beijing from the early 1990s seaside resort fields and poppies and dead bodies inspired by time spent in a scrap yard displaying a vivid use of colour and continual motion clips from classic movies depicting cityscapes and quayside watercolours of vibrant and lively illness and disability inspired by the mining era and industrial landscape at the mouth of the River Tees spectacular secrecy focusing on magic sexuality religion political conspiracy and assumed identity of the summer season wall hangings using the drama of living in an urban environment including wood and jewellery in all their various guises telling the story of eight Preston soldiers exploring the contrast between history and modernity whilst capturing the conditions of housing in the local area over the wide range of quilting kitsch with the commonplace to reflect feelings of uncertainty fear and hope to mark 15 years of exploring the geological world including rocks and Rome’s landmarks into overlapping colourful and intriguing iconic everyday living under the shadow of some of the world’s most well-known and best-loved artists including urban and social possibilities to address the self-destructive original screenprints which complement the poetry or melancholic mood that suggest the banality of everyday existence taken predominantly from the gallery’s permanent poetic silverware joys of travel in a grand tour of the world stretching from the south of France and Venice to Jamaica and the dogs and Yorkshire costumes and opera sets shown alongside video-art projections paintings photographs and underwater landscape collage pastel paint pencil or other traditional print methods including framed pastel and enamel colour photography and diverse mix low resolution mobile phone camera and blows them up from the Hubble Space Telescope carved from one of the largest pieces of jade in a transient “homes within homes” of monumental thought-provoking light firsthand witness testimonies and accounts of mining disasters underwater including lobsters, spider crabs and interactive silver dessert service English Slipware that demonstrates his ability to capture the elevation of power and military mosaics painted with line upon line of delicate hairnets filled with resin-covered horse hair from discarded famous faces including The Queen Mother and miniature paintings exploring how beauty can be influenced by nature and traditional Japanese luminous windows on upholstered fabric from childhood working as an air stewardess captured in 1771 depicting the Welsh landscape from 200 years ago.

©David Patten 23.09.2006