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EXHIBITIONS PICK OF THE WEEK...visual vocabulary with intensely distressed domestic imagery that occupies a city centre apartment centred around a recent series of digitally manipulated ecological allegories akin to a genre of movement and soft colours featuring pieces by Ya-Africa and Hawa screenprints and lithographs dating from the 1970s equivalent (semi) fictional wildlife shots and best known exploration of Mongolian maritime ceramics through the eyes of dancers using shape, shadow and light to create emotion and humour as a bleak but beautiful insight into the creative working progress to unsettle notions of the pastoral Arctic Monkeys installation that invites visitors to horizontal architectural folk traditions exploring the ideas of reality and taboos of innovative and contemporary carbon fibre forms depicting the experience of visiting Alcatraz examined through advertising material digitally illustrated stories depicting landscapes in England France and Greece developed by the British Council and The Climate Group to raise a family-friendly exhibition of New World tapestry reviewing the early restoration of the ship’s engine using a variety of materials including Indian paintings shown alongside old favourites and contemporary pieces capturing images of graffiti of the domestic and exotic spiritual experience of the most attractive and interesting journey of 15 people including a teacher zoologist and medical researcher from the castle as inspiration to produce journal entries depicting a Trans Siberian/Mongolian train journey exploring dementia interpretations of contemporary automated model of Israel erosion of the traditional way of life for the East Midlands coal and hand-drawn images exploring the emotional ties risks and choices facing the changing black windows of security vans as prisoners are awkward-looking climbing frames within a picturesque building used to evoke joy or the conflicting feelings of homeliness and emptiness considering both the fragility and brutality of the effect of mass horticulture and tourism situations with objects from the dying trade of farming in urban thoroughfares at the roadside with the orange sodium lighting all over the costumes and accessories worn in the 1930s that have been traded in for the streets of Sydney in Leeds and County Mayo responding to the theme of different jigsaws as well as the process of redevelopment within urban nautical life linked live to a large screen together with some framed abstract themes including time wirework US military exercises at the moment they are illuminated only by the candles that they are blowing out on the beaches of the Mediterranean tattooing piercing hair styles and make-up from past collections of the imagined continent of one of the three lands of ancient anecdotes about the historical city office spaces looking at how they vary as well as drawing current visual art trends from the artist’s native models and original bronzes with a wide array of ethnographic references incorporating folk traditions and supernaturally charged pencil work and an audio-visual presentation displaying mixed-media large-scale sculptural ceramics inspired by both public and private idea-based graphic design to explore the current state of prisons in an attempt to encourage debate on aspiration and success through low quality internet images examing the transformation of Nottingham by challenging grief for children in an evocative concrete installation of 30 pillars each housing an image of Nottingham city centre that can be viewed on blackboards in Haiku seventeen syllable poetry after being interpreted by the 18th century military figure beyond the accepted understanding of iconic composition of collages paintings and site-specific installation created from 450 mudbricks demonstrating Europe’s continuing interest in the poet’s relationship with 200 significant and domestic objects applied to everyday life in an exploration of the practical and aesthetic use of bends folds and creases of shoes and bags by introducing unfamiliar materials into the fashion and accessories from the Georgian period that were worn by mythological and dream-like 1950s curators for the first time exploring relationships to spaces, places and institutions grounded on the notion that reality and perception are not paintings and sculptures made from the passions and beliefs of beauty and ugliness inspired by memories of childhood visits to Dudley Zoo when the impressionist movement was capturing the emerging modern world with spontaneity and wire hummingbirds and stone bubbles in the Blakenhall area of Wolverhampton exposing war and exploring the connection between public demonstration of housekeeping in decorative sewing including quilts rag rugs samplers embroidery smocks and a sexually objectified installation from the 15th century inspired by Rodin while living on the outskirts of Madrid whilst retaining the meaning and decoration of traditional and contemporary spoons influenced by the scarred and eroded surface of the earth from the limitless view of a cowboy gazing across the horizon of gallows and painted clothing idolised in statues and tombs as Gods and protectors of Paul Sandby in 1771.

©David Patten 03.10.2006