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EXHIBITIONS PICK OF THE WEEK...A collection of multimedia elephants challenging the quintessential view of the city’s past and the Scottish landscape ballet costumes comparing leeches to consumerism exploring the physical damage to the earth’s surface through detailed plaster models laminated between toughened glass and stoneware inspired by a trip to California in China to unsettle notions of the pastoral image and explore a corrupted glass lift space where issues such as street violence at jazz doodle-style mixed media that invites visitors to lie on a horizontal zodiac with Chinese horoscopes and video documentary in clay album covers of car crashes and colourful postcards depicting the experience of visiting Alcatraz by Bristol’s businesses gardens and Isambard Kingdom Brunel inspired by the Baltic Sea survey by various glitterballs charting the restoration of rarely-seen abstract painting exploring the subversive potential of knitting contrasting styles with old and contemporary fine printing from the Punjab to the ways in which people promote peace in the last 10 years of living in the Appalachian urban developments along the coastline wedding industry and the work of marriage brokers in a farmhouse prior to celebrating US military exercises in the streets of Sydney documenting the physical transformation of large-scale panoramic human interaction with an extended exposure time up to 3,000 years of rice using an array of Leicester’s rocks, fossils and colourful biodiversity and large scale rope in a variety of acrylic and pencil sculptural public work combining art and architecture to explore the videogame grief both at home and abroad in an artist’s studio once shared between identity and place based on the accepted understanding of the 18th century military created from 450 mud bricks juxtaposing mythological and dreamlike childhood visits to Dudley Zoo in the 1970s and their travels in four continents and abstract vessels into memory and spatial awareness centred around a short film displaying the importance of life-size creative narratives of suffering loss and disempowerment inspired by the Welsh landscape.

©David Patten 30.10.2006

"...a Babel of unconverging artistic conversations" [Arthur Danto]