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Current Research...sunlight focused through strategies for rewriting the history of restrained scepticism alongside hysterical excitement and a new concept hospital gown shot on 35mm format in the northern and southern hemispheres on natural fabrics such as silk, velvets, cotton and wools with the use of reactive site specific painting installation concerned with spatial practice and spatial displacement within the domestic landscape and story telling to explore the nature of human practices into the relationship of time to the physicality of the impact of digital technologies in conjunction with traditional activities of everyday memory, intimacy and the re-animation of the public domain and the creative commons through the historical relation between painting as a unique and singular object and critical reception of image and the medium of slide projection at 1000,000mph in the dynamic between site-specific wall drawings sound and phenomenographic and social constructivist approaches to short papers past and present that deal with attraction and post-autonomous notions of place and slippages or disproportionate readings of space in London and on the Sussex coast plucked from the cultural politics involved in foreign bodies in a familiar phenomenon of spontaneous urbanisation concerned with notions of author, audience and technologies belonging to the club or disco deployed by those working in the area of the widest possible range of materially slight things to embody complex imaginative trips to places reported in the daily 'paradox' of parallel spaces in relation to newly defined historicity or states of nostalgia determined by research and discussion of pollution and waste in hyper-associative thought resulting from this algorithmic cultural programme about public commissioning strategies with the Environment Agency over the wild goose chases inherently concerning the hospital gown exploring complex geometries and spatial distortions in the Church of class identity in England and elsewhere related to hand made narrative knits for architectural and psychological indeterminacy in experimental community collaborations whose outcome is material for nuclear waste workshops in collaboration with the Tate Britain's education department to unfold and engage on many different selves express their sense of selves within the industry links and awareness in order to generate alternative investments in an imaginary space of openness between spectator and psychoanalytical transnational interactions of blurred and distorted 'non-mathematical' passages within the Swiss chalet in nineteenth century English domestic architecture at the De La Warr Pavilion.

©David Patten 11.01.2007

"...a Babel of unconverging artistic conversations" [Arthur Danto]