Birmingham City Council Public Art Framework 2001 (working as Public Art-West Midlands)

Unpublished framework document including key sections on:

Challenge & Change
"The city is continually changing…"

Difference & Diversity
"It is clear that no public art will ever please everyone, but surely it is better that the work causes a reaction which may in turn cause people to interact – even if their views are in strong disagreement."

Resonance & Rapport
"Something that reinforces the relationship between you and the city in some way…"

Process & Continuity
"Public art has a good tradition of engaging people pre-installation, but there is less engagement post-installation, or indeed, within a process of decommissioning."

Collaboration, Partnership & Networks
"Aspiration is a key word here – and that should not be lost."

Procedures & Mechanisms
"…a process-led framework, not a blueprint…a framework for moving forward."

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