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Hinckley Building:Building Hinckley 2004-2006

"the light and dark of these places" – or the light and space of the ambient.

Notions of time and memory, and how these may be approached as still time, erased time, discontinuous time, collective time, and/or event time.

"Throughout his career, (Barnett) Newman referred to his 1948 painting ‘Onement I’ as a moment of origin: "I recall my first painting--that is, where I felt that I had moved into an area for myself that was completely me--and I painted it on my birthday (January 29) in 1948. It's a small red painting, and I put a piece of tape in the middle, and I put my so-called zip."

Although there were earlier paintings and drawings that consisted of a narrow, centralized zip in a monotone field, ‘Onement I’ was the first zip painting in which all three parts appeared congruently in a single field, rather than as a striped "figure" that divides a receding ‘ground’. After painting ‘Onement I’, Newman stopped making art for eight months.

In August 1949, he visited the Indian burial mounds in the southwestern part of Ohio, where he was profoundly moved by the sense of his own presence within the dramatically open spaces. He wrote, 'Here is the self-evident nature of the artistic act, its utter simplicity. There are no subjects – nothing that can be shown in a museum or even photographed; [it is] a work of art that cannot even be seen, so it is something that must be experienced there on the spot....Suddenly one realizes that the sensation is
not one of space or [of] an object in space. It has nothing to do with space and its manipulations. The sensation is the sensation of time – and all other multiple feelings vanish like the outside landscape.'"

A. Kurlander
Allen Memorial Art Museum

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