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July & August 2007; April 2008

Milton Keynes Western Expansion Areas 10.1 - 10.3 and 11 with Lovejoy (Birmingham)

LEAN to the LEFT


Making places distinctive is an iterative and accumulative process – it takes time for good art to evolve and for places and partners to find the appropriate level of expression.

“What makes an artwork public is...dependent on its insertion into and its effects on those complex intersections which go to make up “place”. This is, potentially, quite a demanding proposition. It is a definition of public art that is open to the specificities of place in space and time.”
[Professor Doreen Massey & Dr Gillian Rose: 'Personal Views – Public Art Research Project' 2003]

Despite its rapid growth over the last forty years, Milton Keynes has retained its image and identity as both a green city and as a ‘city by design’. This is no small achievement. How image and identity are now delivered and enhanced up to 2035 requires the positioning of a significant future narrative “…to direct and stabilise us, to memorialise and identify us, to tell us who we are in terms of where we are (as well as where we are not)”
[E. S. Casey: 'Getting Back Into Place' 1993].

The image and identity of the Fairfield development can not be separated from the requirement to create public benefit – and public benefit must be understood in terms of social and cultural value for both new and existing communities.

Landscape is a social construction in which physical processes (land forming, land management, land use) are overlayered with cultural meaning to support individual and collective narratives, sites of memory and memorialisation, metaphors of home and homemaking, and so on.

The public realm master plan works to the guidance set out in the Development Briefs, respecting the opportunities and constraints and giving form and shape to the Urban Design Principles. The artist investigations do not need to be so polite, and it is intended that surprising juxtapositions will occur that disrupt the logic of the master plan.