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Stourport Texts 18th March 2007

The primary event - John Fennyhouse Green’s landscape assessment confirmed, a day later, by Brindley’s instruction.

“If canal is bro’t above... If Bason is made there...And I was there ordered to measure it.”

And a stubble field becomes a basin.

The particularity of the moment recurring again and again, clueing in a 240 year ‘memory trace’ of the original survey line through Wilson Roberts’ meadow.

“The site is a place where a piece should be but isn’t.”
[Robert Smithson]

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"For the measurement of a distance...which is not a line on the ground, difficulty is incurred in ensuring that the measurement is made a straight line. To overcome this, one observer can remain at A, while his helper walks towards D placing poles (or ranging rods) as he goes. By fixing his eyes on D, the observer at A can so direct that the ranging rods are placed in a straight line."
[H. A. Chapman: 'Geography for Civil Service Candidates' 1938]