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Working Note 1st February 2006

Shooting Trucks

I should thank Charlie Gallagher for introducing me to this slight but endlessly rewarding activity – photographing the sides of trucks as you overtake them on the motorway*.

You have to get the timing right (not always easy if using an automatic camera) and you usually only get three or four good images out of any one journey. At their best you get glorious colour fields. And sometimes you get something reminiscent of later photographs of Aaron Siskind.

If you drop the images into Powerpoint with variable timing on the transition phasing between slides, and loop the whole thing, you get to relive some of the best visual moments of your journey.

These were shot on the return journey from Yorkshire Sculpture Park last Thursday.

*Obviously you do this when you are the passenger and not the driver. If driving, it is safer to restrict yourself to shooting the backs of trucks only.