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James Turrell 27th April 2006

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Dear Geoff

I went up to Leeds today, and stopped off at Yorkshire Sculpture Park to use the facilities and take in Turrell's new 'Deer Shelter' piece.

I had my piss and then walked over to this crowd of people clearly waiting for something to happen. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly with the phrase, 'Welcome to the photo shoot'.

By chance I had arrived just at the moment the official press launch for 'Deer Shelter' was about to start (it doesn't open to the public until tomorrow), and deciding to go with the moment I whipped out my pocket-size Canon ixus V digital and joined the ranks of the professional press corp.

Now, as you know, size doesn't matter except when it comes to cameras, but I managed to brazen out my obvious inadequacy and spent a wonderful chunk of time clicking away with the big boys.

I thanked Turrell for his great work, had another piss and then continued my journey onto Leeds - chuckling at life's occasional good fortune.

here for YSP text on 'Deer Shelter' or here for www.ysp.co.uk.]