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Meshwork Worcester May 2013

It has always been an extraordinary city, capable of delivering extraordinary art and cultural juxtaposition. Whether that be the result of the 87 masons and sculptors who found work in the city between 1747 and the end of the 19th century, or the numerous painters, modellers, gilders and decorators who worked in the many china and porcelain works up until recent times, or those who continue to arrive in the city wanting to simply capture a view or give a performance.

It is said that the largest part of the ‘Perseus and Andromeda’ fountain at Witley Court, “a stone weighing 20 tons”, was “hauled on a road wagon pulled by 17 shire horses” through the streets of Worcester on its way to Great Witley. The ambition for contemporary public art in Worcester is to match, if not to exceed, what in its history was simply business as normal. To have seen Perseus and Pegasus in the act of rescuing Andromeda from the Dragon, encircled with grotesque fish and shells, processing through the streets of Worcester would be an extraordinary experience at any point in time.